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Hokkaido onion soup set

A soup set packed with the richness and flavors of Hokkaido Kitami onions.

Kitami onions grown in the vast northern land with many hours of sunshine are full of sweetness and flavor. With our onion soup powder you can easily make and enjoy onion soup without the hassle of making it from scratch. You can drink it as a soup, but it can also be used as a seasoning for dishes such as fried rice, curry, and simmered dishes.

3 kinds of Hokkaido flavor
soup set

A soup set full of richness and flavors, using Hokkaido onions, burdocks, and potatoes.

The set includes three kinds of soups made from Hokkaido vegetables: onion soup, burdock soup, and potato butter soup. Onion soup is made with onion extract powder made from Hokkaido Kitami onions. Burdock soup is made with burdock extract powder made from Hokkaido burdocks. And potato butter soup is made with mashed potato powder made from Hokkaido potatoes.

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