vegetable soup

Please enjoy these blessings
from the land of Hokkaido.

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Hokkaido onion soup

The rich and bold flavors of the onions from Kitami are concentrated into our soups.We deliver the umami of Kitami onions, nurtured by the vast northern lands and abundant sunlight.

Hokkaido burdock soup

A flavorful soup made with the powerful burdock roots that grow deep into the nutrient rich ground of the vast northern lands.


butter potato soup

A mellow soup that melts the potato’s sweet and buttery flavor, cultivated in the vast northern lands.

Hokkaido carrot soup

Hokkaido carrots are used to make a powder. This is then used to make a flavorful and easy-to-drink soup.


Our soup

Hokkaido vegetable soup

Hokkaido potage

Hokkaido friendly soup

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